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Major Accident (Ft Worth)

Engine 23, MedStar, and FWPD are working a major accident at Camp Bowie and Chapel Creek Blvd. MedStar reports two patients with critical injuries. Dispatched as possible ejection.

Update – Two transports to Harris, both in critical condition.

Accident w/ Ejection (Ft Worth)

Quint 9, Engine 31, MedStar and FWPD are working a major accident with reported ejection on westbound Loop 820 between I35W and Mark IV Parkway. MedStar reporting one with serious injuries. CareFlite is on standby. 2nd MedStar unit requested.

Update – MedStar ground transporting to JPS.

House Fire (Ft Worth)

Engine 22 is on scene with smoke showing from a house in the 4400 block of Carmel Ave, working fire. MedStar has been requested for a priority 1 injury with CPR in progress. Battalion 4, Quint 24, Engine 3, Engine 4, Engine 24, Engine 5, Safety 1, EMS 99, Rescue 14, and Utility 6 all assigned.

Update – Fire is under control. Units are requesting a 2nd ambulance for a total of 2.

Update – CareFlite cannot fly due to weather. MedStar ground transporting to JPS with critical injuries.

Structure Fire (Dallas)

Battalion 3 is on scene with smoke showing from the roof of a multi-story apartment building in the 7400 block of La Vista Drive. Working fire. Battalion 6, Engine 17, Engine 19, Engine 31, Truck 17, Truck 19, and Rescue 44 all assigned to the box alarm.

CareFlite (Trophy Club)

Trophy Club FD is landing CareFlite 2 in a field off Trophy Club Drive north of 114 to airlift out a patient from a nearby medical facility. Patient suffered a medical emergency during surgery and now requires air transport to a hospital. Avoid this area.

Accident w/ Entrapment (Parker County)

Engine 244 has launched air medical to the scene of a major accident with entrapment on Granbury Hwy (FM 51) and Wilson Lane. Weatherford FD is assisting with extrication. Single vehicle major damage with heavy entrapment. A 2nd LifeCare ambulance has also been requested. Avoid this area.

Update – Air medical canceled due to patient condition.

Update – Both ambulances ground transporting to JPS code 3 (lights/siren)

House Fire (Frisco)

Quint 5 is on scene with a working fire at a house in the 11000 block of Riney Court. The original dispatch was for a smoke alarm. Quint 5 going fast attack. Battalion 1 has command.

Update – Fire under control.

Structure Fire (Dallas)

Battalion 1, Engine 44 are on scene with heavy smoke and fire showing from a boarded up apartment building near Bennett Ave and Monarch St. Working fire. Battalion 3, Engine 8, Engine 11, Truck 17, Truck 19, and Rescue 8 all on scene.

House Fire (Plano)

Engine 3 is on scene of a car fire inside the garage of a house in the 1500 block of La Paz Drive. Smoke showing from the house. Battalion 1, Battalion 2, Engine 1, Engine 11, Engine 6, Truck 1, Truck 4, Squad 1, Utility 12 and Medic 3 are all assigned to the fire.

Auto Pedestrian (Ft Worth)

Fort Worth PD east side officers, MedStar, Engine 22 and Engine 3 are all on scene of a reported auto vs. pedestrian accident on Wilbarger St near 820. MedStar reports one with critical injuries.

Update – MedStar ground transporting to JPS.

Auto Pedestrian (Saginaw)

Saginaw PD, FD and MedStar are working an auto vs pedestrian accident in the 700 block of Fox Run Trail. MedStar is ground transporting to JPS with two firefighters on board to assist with patient care, indicative of serious injuries.

Major Accident (Parker County)

Law enforcement is still on scene of an earlier major accident on FM 51 near Carter Road between Weatherford and Springtown. Reported three vehicles involved with one rolled over. Central FD and Springtown FD both worked the accident with LifeCare EMS and law enforcement. FD requested air medical, but they are not flying due to the weather. At least one transported by LifeCare to JPS code 3 (lights/siren). There is a single fatality at the scene. Traffic maps still show major delays on FM 51 in this area.


**AMBER ALERT** out of Fort Worth TX for Twinkle Twilight. Vicki Lynn Miles is sought as a suspect in this case. Suspect vehicle is a 2001 Chevy Trailblazer, Texas license plate MHY236.


Structure Fire (Ft Worth)

Quint 35, Engine 38, Engine 37 on scene of a working mobile home fire in the 4200 block of Midcentral Drive. Reported as a possible lighting strike; however, there is also a call of a possible blown transformer in this same area. Quint 9, Engine 41, Battalion 6, Safety 1, and Engine 31 all assigned to the fire.

Update – Holding Quint 35 and Engine 37 + others on scene, additional units can disregard.

Shooting (Arlington)

Arlington PD east side officers are on scene of a shooting on Darlene Lane. One person shot in the abdomen, requesting EMS to expedite. Additional officers have been requested to help search for the possible suspect.

Update – Arlington EMS ground transporting to MCA, serious injuries. Unresponsive.

Shooting (Rowlett)

Rowlett PD requesting Crime Scene to assist with a reported shooting secondary to a road rage incident on the President George Bush Turnpike. At least one person shot located at the Target, 4701 Lakeview Parkway, parking lot near the service road. Investigation is ongoing.

Structure Fire (Tarrant County)

Multiple FW Fire units and one unit from Burleson are working a structure fire on Wildcat Way near Spinks Airport. Reported to be an abandoned building. Defensive fire declared. Battalion 1, Battalion 2, Quint 17, Quint 26, Engine 28, Engine 29, Engine 17, Safety 1, and Burleson Engine 2 all assigned. A11

Armed Robbery/School Lockdown (Arlington)

Arlington PD is working a reported armed robbery in the 700 block of E Pioneer Parkway near S Collins Street. Suspects in all black fled north on foot along Meadow Lane. Arlington ISD reports Blanton Elementary and Carter Jr. High are both on perimeter lockdown while APD searches for the suspects. Avoid this area.

Accident w/ Entrapment (Lake Worth)

Lake Worth Truck 10 and MedStar on scene of a rollover accident in the 4300 block of Boat Club Road near Lake Worth High School. Truck 10 reports a vehicle rolled and is now upright. Extrication in progress. MedStar reports one patient with serious injuries.

Update – MedStar ground transporting to JPS.

Apartment Fire (Ft Worth)

Battalion 5, Quint 16 on scene with a working fire in an apartment building, 6400 block of Dakar Road. Requesting a 2nd alarm to the scene. 

1st alarm: Battalion 5, Battalion 2, Engine 23, Engine 18, Engine 8, Engine 2, Quint 16, Quint 23, Safety 1, Utility 5, and investigator.
2nd alarm: Battalion 1, Battalion 3, Engine 30, Engine 6, Engine 1, Engine 32, Truck 2, Truck 8, Squad 2, Ops 2, and EMS 99.

PIC – Picture of the 2 alarm apartment fire in Fort Worth, 6400 Dakar Road. (Picture: @thatscolin on Twitter) 


House Fire (Dallas)

Truck 23, Engine 23 is on scene with heavy smoke and fire showing from a one story brick house in the 1500 block of Sutter Street. Engine 23 will be making fire attack. Battalion 5, Battalion 6, Engine 25, Engine 38, and Truck 25 all assigned to this fire.

Accident Investigation (Mansfield)

Mansfield PD, including Crime Scene, is investigating an earlier motorcycle accident at Debbie Lane and Walnut Creek Lane. We were not monitoring at the time, but heard a motorcyclist was airlifted to JPS with serious injuries. The investigation continues at this hour. Please avoid this intersection, but if you have to travel this way, expect some traffic delays and watch for investigators at the scene.

Investigation (Arlington)

Please avoid the QuikTrip gas station at 901 E. Division St while Arlington FD investigates a suspicious circumstance. EOD personnel have been notified and are en route to the scene to assist with the investigation. The store and gas pumps have been evacuated and will remain until the investigation is completed. Avoid this area.


Gas Leak (Arlington)

Arlington FD and PD crews are investigating a gas leak in the 1800 block of E. Abram Street near New York. Avoid this area and expect some traffic troubles.

Update – AFD: Gas leak stopped. E. Abrams will remain closed from New York to Browning. ATMOS working on gas line.

Officer Down (Dallas)

Dallas PD are investigating an officer injured in the 2400 block of W Northwest Highway outside of Club Kalua. Details are limited at this time, but an officer has been transported from the scene with a head injury.

Fatality Accident (Ft Worth)

Engine 18, Engine 8, MedStar, and Fort Worth PD west side officers are on scene of a major accident with entrapment in the 3900 block of West Freeway service road near Owasso Street. Vehicle vs tree. MedStar reports one deceased trapped inside the vehicle. Extrication is in progress. Battalion 5 added to the call.

Structure Fire (Arlington)

Truck 9, Engine 9, Engine 15 on scene of a working fire inside an Arlington ISD building at 111 SE Green Oaks Blvd. Engine 15 is pulling a line for fire attack. Additional fire units responding.

Update – Fire quickly brought under control. Sprinkler activation helped contain the fire.

Major Accident (Cleburne)

Battalion 185, Engine 385, CareFlite ground medic 904, CareFlite ground EMS supervisor and CPD are working a major accident in the 3100 block of N Main Street (174) near CR 901. CareFlite has been launched to the scene.

Update – CareFlite airlifted to Harris.

Major Accident (Arlington)

Battalion 2, Quint 6, Engine 6, Arlington EMS with 802 EMS Supervisor and APD are working a major accident involving a vehicle vs pole with multiple people injured in the 5100 block of S Collins St near Endicott Drive. This will be near the Arlington Airport. Five ambulances have been requested for at least two patients with critical injuries. Arlington EMS quickly transporting a critical pediatric patient to MCA, traumatic arrest. Avoid this area.

Update – At least two patients have now been transported from the accident scene to Medical Center of Arlington. One pediatric with CPR in progress and another pediatric with serious trauma injuries and reported ejection.

Update – Command now requesting a helicopter.

Update – Command is now requesting an additional ambulance for a total of 6.

Update – Now requesting seven ambulances. PHI Med 8 is off the scene, airlifting to JPS.

Update – Five have been transported so far: 3 patients to Medical Center of Arlington (including two children and one adult), 1 to Cook Children’s, and 1 to JPS via PHI Med 8.

Unfortunately, the accident we first posted this morning in Arlington is now a fatality accident investigation. A vehicle hit a pole this morning in the 5100 block of South Collins St just outside of the Arlington Municipal Airport. Multiple people in the vehicle were seriously injured, and at least one was reportedly ejected. One of the patients, a 5 year old girl, sustained critical injuries in the accident and went into traumatic cardiac arrest. She was quickly taken by Arlington EMS to MCA, but died at the hospital.
Seat belts save lives. They can be a hassle, but a simple strap could be the difference between life or death. Always wear your seat belt and properly restrain children inside vehicles.

Shooting (Covington)

Covington and Itasca FD units on scene of a victim with a gunshot wound to the chest in the 3400 blk. of FM67. CareFlite medic 303 has requested aircraft to the scene. AirEvac 51 is en route with a 5 minute ETA.

Shooting (Aubrey)

CareFlite has airlifted one gunshot victim from the scene of a shooting off Mockingbird Drive in the Paloma Creek area of Denton County. CareFlite airlifted to Medical Center of Plano, reported gunshot wound to the head.

House Fire (Frisco)

Quint 7, Medic 7 both on scene with heavy smoke showing from a house reportedly struck by lightning in the 11600 block of Beach Street. Quint 7 will be going in for a fast attack. Working fire. Battalion 2, Engine 3, Safety 1, Squad 1, Quint 6, Medic 6, Rescue 1, Quint 4, and Light Air Rehab 1 all assigned to the fire.

Fatality Accident (Ft Worth)

Engine 7, Rescue 14, MedStar and Fort Worth PD are working a fatality accident in the area of 820 and 121. MedStar has ground transported a patient to Harris with critical injuries. One patient is deceased at the scene. Fort Worth PD has this as a possible vehicle vs. pole accident.

Shooting (Ft Worth)

Fort Worth PD is investigating a shooting at/near the JA Cavile apartments in the 5000 block of E. Rosedale. MedStar reports CPR in progress at the scene.

Update – MedStar ground transporting to JPS, major injuries with CPR in progress.

Shooting (Dallas)

Dallas PD is investigating a shooting at the Shell station, 3102 W. Camp Wisdom Road at Marvin D Love Fwy. DPD confirms one is deceased on the scene. Reports indicate the suspect may have fled the scene in a red SUV. The investigation is ongoing.

Apartment Fire (Ft Worth)

Battalion 4, Engine 24, Quint 24 on scene with heavy smoke and fire showing from a 2 story apartment building at 511 Tierney Road. Reports of entrapment have prompted a 2nd alarm response. Multiple additional fire companies are responding, along with east side FWPD officers.

Motorcycle Accident (Ft Worth)

Engine 41, Engine 34, MedStar and Fort Worth PD are on scene of a motorcycle accident near Willow Springs Road and Blue Mound Road W. Reported to be near the school. CareFlite has been launched to the scene for a motorcyclist down, critical injuries with possible amputation.

Manhunt (Grand Prairie)

Grand Prairie PD is searching for a person who fled from the scene of an accident near Hwy 360 and Trinity Blvd. DPS-101 helicopter is overhead. Reports of two people seriously injured in the accident.

Update – DPS-101 has been cleared from the scene


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